10 Cool Decorative Door Stops

If you need some door stops and don’t fancy just using a plain old wedge, a decorative door stop is a great way to inject a little fun and novelty into an otherwise rather dull object. Just because it’s practical, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Here are 10 of the coolest door stops available at the moment.

‘Stop’ Door Stop

This cool Suck UK Stop Doorstop looks awesome and has rubber grooves on the underside to ensure your door stays put and is available in four colours; yellow, blue, pink and green.

James the Doorman Door Stop

Say hello to James the doorman. Keeping your door firmly wedged open is James’ sole purpose in life and he does a fantastic job at it. James is made of heavy duty rubber ensuring excellent traction without damaging your doors or floors. He is available in a range of colors and is eager to start working for you straight away, so give the Black+Blum James the Doorman Door Stop a try and make James a happy man!

Fallen Leaf Door Stops

These Fallen Leaf Door Stops come as a four pack and are made of durable synthetic rubber which make them great on all surfaces from carpet to wood. You can also stack them together so if you have a door with a particularly high floor clearance you can use two together for a bit of extra height!

‘Foot in the Door’ Door Stop

This delightful little number is available in Red or Black and is the ideal door stop to prop open the door to your shoe closet to reveal yet more shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes. I don’t get the obsession but if you do then the Fred Foot in the Door Door Stop is the one for you!

Paper Airplane Door Stop

This Paper Airplane Doorstop is a really cool idea and would be perfect for a home office. Whilst this doorstop is quite thin and lightweight, it has a grippy section on the bottom to make sure it gets the job done. The shape of the design means that this one is ideal for doors with higher than usual floor clearance too.

Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Door Stop

This quirky little door stop is made of painted cast iron so really exudes quality when you see it in person. It’s worth noting that the The Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop is not life-size and is actually more the size of a regular door stop. Also available in a 2 pack.

Banana Door Stop

A simple but clever design, this Banana Door Stop is certain to get a double-take from visitors. The shape of this cool door stop means it does a great job of gripping down and keeping even heavier doors open.

Happy Cow Door Stops

These cute characters come as a pair and are also detachable from their tough rubber bases so they can go for a wander and a graze when you aren’t around. The Happy Cow Doorstops also have an extra grippy udderside (yes, I’m hilarious) to keep your door firmly planted.

Melting Ice Cream Door Stop

“Oh no you dropped your ice-cream!”

“Haha no I didn’t, it’s just my really funny Melting Ice Cream Cone Door Stop! I’m such a comedian!”

“No. You aren’t. I hate you.”

Silly Doggy Door Stop

Daaaaw, aren’t these Silly Doggy Door Stops cute? Despite the picture they don’t come in a twin pack and you can’t choose whether you will recieve a black doggy or a white doggy. How exciting! What color will it be? I can’t handle the suspense! Seriously though, they are quite cute.

And that concludes our adventure into the world of decorative novelty door stops. Man, what a journey…