Bosch DDS181-03 Review

This compact, cordless DDS181-03 drill from Bosch packs a proper punch for its size. As well as the drill itself you also get a fast charger, two 18V batteries and a tough carry case included.

Despite its diminutive proportions, the Bosch DDS181-03 still has the guts to tackle tough materials such as metal or concrete thanks to its high performance 4-pole motor which maximizes the available power in a compact tool such as this. Coupling this with a specialist clutch and gear train means a surprising amount of torque is generated.

With the DDS181-03 you get two lithium-ion batteries, both 18V; A slim-line 1.5Ah battery which is handy for smaller jobs and of course makes the whole drill lighter which is useful for more delicate jobs, and a bigger 3.0Ah battery which holds a longer charge and offers up extra power for more heavy duty tasks. It’s also helpful having two batteries as standard as you’ll never be stuck without power – you can be charging one battery whilst using the other.

The battery charger can restore a full charge in 30 minutes. It’s hard to gauge how well the batteries will continue to hold their charge in the longer term, but Bosch have a great reputation in this respect so there’s no reason to doubt their quality.

It’s important to get the ergonomics right on compact tools – and the DDS181-03 delivers in this respect. Need less to say if you have smaller or medium hands it’s very easy to hold, but even if you have bigger paws it’s still pretty good and it feels comfortable in the hands. Lining up and drilling straight holes comes naturally.

Other features? This Bosch has a built in LED that, shockingly, actually works effectively. It is super bright and does a decent job of illuminating the drill head. The variable speed switch manages the drills power nicely and keeps the torque in check meaning things always feel smooth.

Overall the Bosch DDS181-03 is a great choice if you want the benefits of a compact without having to compromise on power. The long run time offered by the lithium-ion batteries, coupled with the solid build quality you’d expect from Bosch make this a superb little cordless drill.

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