BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover

An affordable and easy to use solution for reducing and removing annoying pimples and zits, the BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover uses heat and light therapy to gently treat problem areas, with significant results being reported in as little as 24 hours.

BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover. Uses Heat & Blue LED Light Therapy to stop Pimples in their tracks! ACNE Buster!

So, how does the BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover actually work? The first element of the treatment is heat, which is used kill the bacteria which can exacerbate acne. In fact insect bites can also suffer from redness and swelling due to bacteria so you can use this device to treat those as well.

The second step of the process uses light therapy which focuses narrow band blue LED light on the area you are treating to ensure all pimple causing acne is eradicated. Unlike other acne gadgets the process is painless and doesn’t cause any skin irritation in the short term. A single treatment should only take a couple of minutes and typically you’ll see a small difference over the next few hours and within a day the zit should have significantly reduced.

As well as the low price tag this product is also quite appealing because you don’t need any expensive gels or lotions in addition to the main device. It also doesn’t require any replaceable cartridges or heads (which are often quite expensive). The only thing that will need to be replaced from time to time is the single AA battery that powers the unit, so this is a one time purchase rather than a treatment plan that requires constant purchases to keep up with the routine.

Compared to other acne treatment devices on the market the BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover is an attractive proposition thanks to its low cost, ease of use, and effective results. It’s designed to help you get rid of individual zits and pimples, rather than to prevent acne in the first place, but it works well and delivers significant improvements in a short timescale making it a useful weapon in your anti-blemish arsenal.

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