De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW Oil Filled Radiator Review

It’s that time of the year when the cold really starts to bite and an extra source of heating can be a real godsend. Whether you have one particularly cold room that could do with a heating boost, or if you live in a new build or flat and are sick of tweaking ineffective storage heaters, an electric heater is a quick and effective way to warm things up. Today we’re reviewing the De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW Oil Filled Radiator to see how it performs.

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When you’re looking for a portable electric heater you’ve got a few different options such as convection or fan heaters. Whilst these are often cheap and warm up very quickly they aren’t very energy efficient and the heat can dissipate rapidly. An oil filled radiator such as the De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW can heat a larger room, gives off a more consistent, even warmth and although it takes a little longer to get up to temperature simply does a more effective job that can save you money versus other types of electric heater, or even you’re central heating.


The De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW is a particularly powerful oil filled radiator that can output at up to 3 kW which is more than enough to warm up a good sized room, and also means if you whack it on full power it will heat up fairly quickly. Of course you don’t have to have it on full power all the time and the simple thermostat allows you to adjust the heat output, ranging from 500 W up to the 3 kW maximum. If you are really in a rush to get rid of the chills then there is also an instant heat setting that allows for an extra quick warm-up.

The G011230RTW has a 24-hour programmable time as well, so you can set a couple of on/off cycles throughout the day saving you from having to deal with cold rooms in the morning and having to manually turn it off at night. Other features include a intelligent switching system that lowers the power when required to remain at a constant heat, improving energy efficiency and prevent any overheating issues. Overall the De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW is very simple to operate whilst still having all the features you’d need from a heater.

As you’d expect from an oil filled radiator, the G011230RTW is fairly heavy, weighing in at a little over 20 Kg. This doesn’t affect it’s portability however thanks to the fact it’s on castors so it’s easy to wheel from room to room, although lugging it up the stairs isn’t much fun. You also get a decent length power cord so it can easily be placed some distance from a plug socket, although there is also a built-in cable holder to keep things tidy if you don’t need to make use of it.

De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW Tech Specs

  • Oil filled radiator with a 3 kW output
  • Adjustable thermostat ranging from 500 W – 3 kW
  • Simple to use programmable timer
  • Intelligent heating automatically adjusts power
  • Safety cut-out to prevent overheating
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Long power cord with cable tidy

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Overall the De’Longhi Rapido G011230RTW is an excellent oil filled radiator with all the features you’ll need. It has enough power to effectively heat larger rooms whilst it’s heat adjustment options mean you won’t be wasting power unnecessarily. For the cold winter months it’s a excellent solution to keep away the chills.

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