EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Review

We ask a lot more of our technology these days and even the humble bathroom scales haven’t escaped from our lofty expectations. Gone are the old mechanical bathroom scales which simply gave us a weight measurement, replaced by digital bathroom scales which use several pressure points to give us a reading accurate to the smallest fractions of a pound.

You’d think that beyond an ultra accurate weight measurement there isn’t a lot more that a set of digital bathroom scales can offer. Well you’d be… right actually, although that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from adding new features to aid us in our weight loss attempts. The Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is no exception and is one of the most popular choices of digital bathroom scales for those watching their figures.

So what do these scales offer that others don’t to make them so special? Well not that much to be honest, but the fact is that they are a decent set of accurate digital bathroom scales available at a competitive price. Looking at the specifications it’s hard to figure out what exactly the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scales do that separates them from the competition. In practice however they do what you need them to do – tell you your weight quickly and accurately.

I’m probably sounding a little negative but actually I’d recommend these scales. They are well built, look sleek and get the job done so if you considering buying a set please don’t let me put you off! OK, I concede these digital scales do have some cool features so let’s have a look at what they offer beyond the obvious -

  • The Ultra Wide Platform and “Step-on” technology. As you can tell from the image above, the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is indeed quite wide whilst still keeping a sleek minimalist design, making it easy to hop on and off even if you are losing the battle of the bulge. Unlike other digital scales where you have to hit a switch before getting on (usually with a swift kick which can occasionally escalate into a stubbed toe incident) these scales activate automatically as soon as you step on them and will calculate and display your weight almost instantly.
  • The 4.3″ LCD display These scales feature a nice oversized LCD display which, unlike cheaper digital bathroom scales, is also back-lit making it easy to read if you a) like to weight yourself in the dark or b) are extraordinarily tall. Hmm, seriously though it is a nice display – an area where other manufacturers often skimp. It is also really quite big – 4.3″, thats pretty much the same size as the screen of an iPhone, so you’ll have no trouble reading your measurements.
  • Accuracy The foundations of a decent set of scales and the Eatsmart Precision Plus doesn’t disappoint in this department. Able to measure up to 440 pounds and accurate to within 0.2 pounds you can be confident you’ll get an accurate reading. This accuracy is achieved thanks to four separate precision sensors spread across the surface of the scales.

Well that just about covers everything you need to know about the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale. They work. And are well designed. A couple of things to think about – firstly they are quite big so you might consider a more compact Eatsmart if you have a smaller bathroom. Secondly it has to be noted that Eatsmarts customer service standards have been widely reported as exemplary (i.e. very good!) so if you are unfortunate enough to have any issues with your new bathroom scales you can rest assured you will be well looked after.

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