Find a Good Left-Handed Mouse

A decent left-handed mouse is hard to come by. If you are a lefty like me then of course you already know this. I was trying to find a new mouse recently and was surprised at just how few left-handed mice were available. After all over 10% of the worlds population are left-handed – that’s a pretty big market share for manufacturers to ignore.

Of course you can always use an ambidextrous mouse but the options there are usually just the basic three-button affair. If you’re a gamer, or do anything more complicated than the most basic of tasks on your computer, then an extra few buttons on the sides of your mouse will always come in handy. I’ve found that even ‘ambidextrous’ mice with more than three buttons almost always place the extra ones in a position for right handers which render them almost useless to the poor neglected lefties.

So below is a round-up of some of the best left-handed (and ‘proper’ ambidextrous) mice currently available. I’ll be honest, when I first started with this post I thought I would be spoilt for choice with what to review. How wrong I was… beyond this short-list the pickings are extremely slim!

Razer DeathAdder – Gaming Mouse, Left Hand Edition

Razer are one of the few manufacturers to show a bit of love towards left handed gamers and the Razer DeathAdder Left Handed Gaming Mouse is testament to that. Razer are well known to produce some of the best gaming mice around and the DeathAdder is no exception with features a gamer would expect including a DPI of 3500 and a polling rate of 1000Hz for extra accuracy and lower response times. Just like it’s right handed counterpart the Death Adder is nice and comfy, and the all important extra buttons sit nicely positioned by your thumb.

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500

Even though its ambidextrous I’ve put the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 so high up the list because it’s ideal if you are just after a nice simple mouse that gets the job done without any fancy frills. The 4500 is an exception amongst ambidextrous mice in that it’s additional buttons are placed symmetrically, one either side of the mouse (you can just about see in the image above). In practice it is very comfy to use and the extra buttons come in handy even for simple web browsing (I use them for page forwards/page backwards). It’s also available in a ton of different colors, just search Amazon for ‘Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500′ and you can see the full range.

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Left

Yes it looks a bit weird, but the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Left’s ergonomic design is actually very comfortable in practice, and has a slew of extra programmable buttons all within comfortable reach for a lefty. It’ll be ideal if you spend long stretches of time at your computer.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Left Handed Mouse

Another ergonomic left-handed mouse, the Goldtouch Ergonomic Left Handed Mouse is a simple design that is comfortable to use for extended periods. This one only has three buttons so if you are used to more it might be a problem, but if you’re after a straight forward comfy left-mouse this one fits the bill.

Razer Chrome Edition Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Finding a decent wireless left handed mouse makes the search even more of a chore. Luckily the Razer Chrome Edition Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Mouse is an ideal candidate if that’s what you’re after. This is another ambidextrous effort and a nice feature of this mouse is that even though it’s wireless you can plug it in with a USB cable. Handy if you get caught short without batteries. It’s also a fairly dinky little thing so it’s ideal as a portable mouse if you like the odd bit of gaming on your laptop.

Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

I know it’s beginning to look a bit a like a Razer love-in, but the fact is they are one of the only manufacturers who make a real effort to cater for the leftist minority, hence their prevalence in our left handed mouse run-down. The Razer TRON Gaming Mouse is (yet another) ambidextrous mouse that does left handed gamers the service of a genuinely symmetrical layout. This model boasts seven buttons, with the extra four being placed on either side of the mouse (two a side, where your thumb and pinky lie). It also has a 5600dpi precision 3.5G laser sensor meaning it is rather (read: extremely) accurate.