Forfex AC Motor Clipper FX690BX

These Forfex FX690BX AC motor clippers feature new ‘ceramic cryogenic technology’ apparently. I’m not sure what place cryogenics have in the world of hair clippers, but the upshot is that the ceramic blades stay cooler and sharper than those of a typical hair clipper, even under heavy use.

Along with the clippers and detachable (and thus replaceable) ceramic blade, when you buy the Forfex AC Motor Clipper FX690BX you also get a replacement blade, and four attachment guides which represents great value for the price.

If you’ve bought hair clippers in this price range before then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Forfex FX690BX. This is a solid set of powerful professional quality ceramic clippers that have no trouble chopping through just about anything in their way.

The detachable blade makes cleaning incredibly easy and saves you having to constantly blow through the blade or use one of those stupid little brushes to clear all the hair that can get trapped in a fixed blade unit.

Whilst not cordless, these clippers have a good lengthy cable on them which is handy if you want to use them a distance away from an outlet. The whole package also comes in a nice sturdy carry case which is a nice touch and prevents the inevitable loss of the various bits and pieces that make up the kit.

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