Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum Review

Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum Best PriceThe Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum claims to take the hassle out of cleaning windows, mirrors and tiles, and provide effortless streak free results in an instant. Does it deliver on it’s promise? Well, the short answer is a resounding yes but it wouldn’t be much of a review if we left it there, so let’s take a closer look at how the Kärcher WV 50 performs…

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How does it Work?

The basic concept behind the Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is beautifully simple. Firstly spray your window with detergent and wipe with a microfibre cloth, then use the Kärcher WV 50 Vacuum to instantly dry the surface so you have a flawless shine without any streaks, drips or water marks. You can just use normal window cleaner and a cloth, although there is a Kärcher Spray attachment with built-in cloth head available separately to make the process even easier (you can see it in the video below).

In practice it works very well and saves you from having to go back over the window and polish out any streaks or drops that would otherwise leave an unsightly mark on the glass. The simplicity behind the Kärcher WV 50 also means it’s very versatile and can be used to clean all sorts of surfaces including mirrors, bathroom and showers, tile floors or even car body work. You can also use it to quickly clean up minor spills whilst simultaneously cleaning the surface.

Design and Features

Kärcher have a well earned reputation for producing high quality products and the WV 50 is no exception, feeling solidly constructed with an unfussy and intuitive design that makes it very straight forward to operate. It’s comfortable to hold and since it weighs well under a kilogram it’s easy to use for extended periods even if you have to hold it high up to clean taller windows and surfaces. It would have been nice if there was an attachable handle for cleaning floor tiles without having to bend down, but it’s not too much of an issue and the Kärcher WV 50 will probably spend most of it’s time cleaning vertical surfaces anyway.

Of course you don’t want to be getting tangled up in wires and cables when you’re cleaning so the Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is cordless, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Charging is quick and easy via a mains adapter and a full charge will generally be more than enough for tackling a big cleaning job before you’ll need to plug it in again. Whilst it lasts a long time it’s nice that the cordless feature doesn’t cause the Kärcher WV 50′s weight to increase, as if often the case with battery powered appliances.

What’s in the Box?

The standard Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum includes the window vacuum itself along with a battery, charger and window head unit. All you need in addition to this to get your windows sparkling is some window cleaner and a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go. If you want the extra Kärcher Spray attachment with built-in cloth head you can get it all as a bundle with the Karcher WV50 Plus Window Cleaning Vacuum package, which costs a few pounds more but is a much better price than buying the two items separately.

Quick, Clean and Simple

The Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is a great little gadget that is so effective yet so simple that it’s surprising they are not found in every home. Tedious and lengthy cleaning jobs become quick and easy and there are a plethora of different jobs where the WV 50 can come in handy, you might even end up dreaming up new cleaning tasks just so you can use it again!

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