Leifheit 37200 Cherrymat Cherrystone Remover

Fresh cherries are delicious. But whether you’re eating them on their own or using them in a recipe, removing the cherry stones can be a laborious task. That’s where a good cherry stone remover comes in handy, and today we’re going to take a look at the Leifheit 37200 Cherrymat Cherrystone Remover – one of the most popular pitters available and an essential kitchen gadget if you love cherries.

Leifheit Cherry Stoner

The Leifheit Cherry Stoner makes short work of those pesky stones and once you get into the swing of things you’ll be able to pit over 20 lbs of cherries in an hour (in theory of course – you’ll only need that much if you have a serious cherry addiction).

To use the 37200, you place the cherries in the tray on the top and they will fall down one by one into the pitting chamber. Once there you simply pull down the lever and the cherry is pitted, with the cherry rolling out into a dish below and the stones being collected in a clear plastic container.

Whilst the Leifheit 37200 Cherrymat Cherrystone Remover is not quite a fully automatic process it is still much, much quicker than using a hand-held pitter. If you need to pit a large batch of cherries for something like a cherry pie then what once could take half an hour of tedious work can be reduced to a couple of minutes.

A lot of kitchen gadgets seem like a good idea on paper, but in practice they don’t live up to expectations. The Leifheit Cherrystone remover is not one of them and actually delivers on it’s promise which is a pleasant surprise.

Leifheit 37200 Cherrymat Cherrystone Remover

Whilst it’s a massive improvement over the regular hand-held pitters, the Leifheit isn’t absolutely perfect. There is a bit of a technique to using it properly and if you get it wrong then sometimes the pitted cherry with fall through into the stone container.

Also small varieties of cherries can be problematic, they can fall the wrong way and get caught up with the stones. But these are minor issues – it’s really about getting into a rhythm and once you do you’ll get through a ton of cherries in no time – it’s actually quite a fun gadget to use once you get the method down.

The 37200 is also quite well built using thick plastic for the main body and stainless steel for the plunger and blade. It’s also dishwasher safe and the plunger can be dismantled for easy cleaning. So it’s not perfect, but unless you want to spend hundreds on a commercial stoner then the Leifheit 37200 Cherrymat Cherrystone Remover is without doubt the best option available.

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