Mechanical Bathroom Scales

Whilst today the digital scale is more popular, many people still prefer the simplicity offered by the analog dial of mechanical bathroom scales.

OK, they don’t have fancy functions like calculating your body fat, or measuring your weight to the tiniest fraction of a pound – but if you simply want to measure your weight quickly and accurately then a set of mechanical bathroom scales get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

Today we’re going to be reviewing some of the most popular mechanical bathroom scales. Ranging from the cheap and cheerful right up to the pricier professional models, we’ll see how they weigh up.

Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale

We’ll begin with a mid-ranged model from one of the best known manufacturers. The Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale is a large heavy duty unit sporting a classic design and measuring up to a maximum weight of 330 pounds, accurate to 0.2 pounds.

The extra large dial makes reading weight measurements easy. In fact everything about this set of Salter mechanical bathroom scales is big, so you’ll need a decent amount of space if this is going to be a permanent feature in your bathroom.

The wide weighing platform is covered with a textured non-slip mat and it’s sturdy construction is backed up by a 5-year guarantee. These scales look a lot more expensive than they actually are – although under closer inspection there are a few clues as to why it is so affordable. The dials dome is made of plastic, not glass and despite Salter being known as an English manufacturer, this set is actually made in China.

Nevertheless these scales still look the part and use quality components where it counts to ensure you get a super accurate weight measurement.

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Sunbeam SAB998D-41 Dial Scale

Next up we have a budget offering with a straightforward no-nonsense design. The Sunbeam SAB998D-41 Dial Scale is a compact set of mechanical bathroom scales, ideal for a smaller bathroom.

Build construction feels surprisingly solid considering the low price-tag, and these scales will provide measurements accurate to a pound, supporting a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

The unit itself is white, but you have the choice of either a black or white platform mat depending on your preference.

Although this is far from a high end set of mechanical scales it does the job well on a budget and will work out cheaper than a similar set of digital scales when you consider it will never need replacement batteries.

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Seca Classic Big Dial Floor Scale

OK, let’s have a look at one of the top-end contenders. The Seca Classic Big Dial Floor Scale is the most expensive option in todays review, but you get what you pay for and the Seca is a rugged, professional set of scales.

Extremely accurate up to a maximum of 320 pounds, this mechanical scale has a satisfying weight to it which reassures you that it’s a quality product. Like the Salter, it’s big with a suitably chunky analog dial that’s easy to read from a distance.

The large platform is covered with a grooved rubber mat to ensure a steady footing even if you’ve just stepped out the shower. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from. The scales in the picture above are the pearl white option, but others available include black, chrome, red, and blue.

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TH100 Thinner Scale by Conair

If you want the big analog dial look offered by the Salter or the Seca, but at a budget price, then you could do a lot worse than the TH100 Thinner Scale by Conair . It’s less than half the price whilst still sporting that classic mechanical design.

The TH100 can handle anything up to 350 pounds and despite the attractive price it still manages to deliver where it counts – accuracy. Again, this is a big set of mechanical scales so for a small bathroom it might be a bit of a squeeze, but in return you get an oversized 6.5 inch dial and a nice wide weighing platform which is covered with grippy rubber.

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Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale

We’re finishing todays mechanical scales round-up with the Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale. Priced for those on a budget, this set combines the small size of a compact scale, with the large analog dial of it’s bigger brothers. Ideal if you want the classic full dial look when space is at a premium.

Finished in black and silver, the Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 is accurate to the pound with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Despite the large dial dominating the front of the scales the platform still has enough space to stand comfortably. Simple, cheap, accurate.

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