Michelin MN-4410B Pistol Grip Gauge

The Michelin MN-4410B Pistol Grip Gauge is a super-accurate air pressure gauge made from durable, heavy duty materials from one of the most well respected tire manufacturers in the world.

The Michelin MN-4410B Pistol Grip Gauge’s key design point is it’s pistol grip handle which has a nice grippy coating to ensure that it’s easy to handle. Like any digital pressure gauge it’s a little fiddly mounting it onto the valve stem, but once it does it fits snugly without letting air escape, ensuring an accurate reading.

The Michelin MN-4410B can measure air pressures in the ranges of 5 to 99 PSI at increments of 0.5 pounds which is more than accurate enough for everyday tires whether they are on a bicycle, car or motorbike.

The Pistol Grip Gauge is powered by a built in lithium battery that doesn’t require recharging or replacing. In a low power consumption gadget such as this, the battery will likely last you for years. For peace of mind a one year warranty is included although it’s unlikely you’ll need it as the Michelin MN-4410B Pistol Grip Gauge has proven to be well made and very reliable.

Just like Michelin tires, this is a quality product that works exactly as advertised, is well designed, easy to use, and solidly constructed.

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