Nutri Bullet 1201 Review

Ideal for making perfect smoothies free from any seeds or chunks, the Nutri Bullet 1201 packs a punch with its powerful 600 watts and super sharp stainless steel blades all squeezed into a compact design. Along with the blender unit itself you also get a selection of cups and lids of different sizes as part of the package.

Nutri Bullet 1201

It’s no secret that eating a good variety of different fruit and vegetables can provide some fantastic health benefits – and making smoothies and shakes is a quick and easy way to make sure you get your daily quota of vitamins and nutrition.

Unlike other blenders the Nutri Bullet 1201 is designed specifically for this purpose, and its 600 watt motor is powerful enough to make short work of the toughest ingredients with no mess or fuss.

It really does make a big difference with the blades never getting caught or bogged down, and you can be sure you won’t find any seeds, pips or fibrous chunks after a few seconds in the NutriBullet 1201. The main unit feels solidly constructed and is easy to dissemble making cleaning a piece of cake.

Along with the actual blender you get a variety of bits and pieces to make the process even easier, and meaning the Nutri Bullet 1201 represents good value for money. In the box you’ll find a tall cup suitable for larger servings, a small cup with a handled lid, and a small cup with a handle.

Both the large and small cups attach directing to the blender which saves on any unneccessary washing up. The two included resealable lids mean you can keep your smoothies fresh, and along with the Nutri Bullet 1201s user guide you also get a selection of receipes to help you get started. Overall the NutriBullet 1201 puts in a good performance and its power and ease of use make it a great choice for making nutritious smoothies.

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