Omron BP785 Review

This BP785 blood pressure monitor from Omron not only give you an extremely accurate reading but also provides you with a host of other details to help you effectively look after your hearts health.

Whether you have high blood pressure or are just being proactive about keeping your heart in tip-top condition, the Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor clearly and accurately give you a precise reading.

This monitor helps you along the way to make sure you are correctly measuring your blood pressure – it has an indicator which will confirm that the arm cuff has been correctly attached and it automatically takes three separate readings to give the most precise result possible. Blood pressure is measured via two individual sensors for even further accuracy. The Omron BP785 is nothing if not thorough.

What else can the Omron BP785 offer you? Well you can save profiles for two different users in the systems memory which is handy if there is more than one person in your household who wants to keep a tab on their blood pressure. You can also track your progress with the advanced averaging feature which stores readings for up to eight weeks so you identify any fluctuations.

The unit has guideline blood pressure levels which can be compared against your own measurements to ensure that you are safely within the recognized guidelines, and the BP785 also checks your heartbeat rhythm and alerts you to any irregularities.

Whilst interpreting measurements correctly can sometimes be a little complicated, this Omron model does a great job of displaying the important facts clearly and as simply as possible. The large display is easy to read and, once you’ve got to grips with it all the necessary information it’s thoughtfully laid out.

In summary, the Omron BP785 is a super accurate blood pressure monitor that does exactly what you need it to do with the minimum of fuss. The additional features are a welcome addition that can provide you with a host of extra information whilst not over complicating things or getting in the way of the units primary function.

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