Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale Review

With its tempered glass surface and glossy black finish, this Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale looks really stylish as well as being accurate and easy to use.

The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is accurate, let’s get that out of the way first. It has four high precision sensors which ensure an accurate reading up to a maximum of 11 lbs and will display weights in increments of as little as 0.1 oz.

If you’re a convert to metric it will also display readings in grams/kilograms. Measuring liquids is easy too – you can have the scale display measurements in fluid oz or ml which is a nice additional feature that some other kitchen scales don’t offer.

As is the norm with digital kitchen scales you also have the standard tare function which makes it easier to measure net weight (the scale will automatically deduct the weight of the bowl/cup/whatever your ingredients are in).

All the readings are displayed on the scales large LCD panel which is higher quality than most – most notably thanks to its wide viewing angle, and the fact that it is back-lit for easier reading.

That just about covers what you need to know about the functionality of this Ozeri Kitchen scale. It works. What separates it from the competition is the slick design and high quality materials which make it a very good looking kitchen gadget.

The tempered glass weighing surface is perfectly smooth so there are no nooks and crannies in which food can get trapped, and is four times stronger than regular glass so you can be assured it won’t break easily. The touch sensitive buttons are under the glass so they don’t spoil the scales clean lines.

Overall the Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale feels like a quality product. It’s accurate and its contemporary styling will look great in any kitchen. One more thing too add – the two required lithium ion batteries are included with the scale so you don’t need to worry about buying them separately.