Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio

The H201 digital shower radio from Sangean isn’t just water resistant, it’s waterproofed to marine standards so it can survive being fully submerged. As well as that it’s also very capable as a digital radio in it’s own right and is the ideal companion in the shower, at the beach, on fishing trips, or any other potentially wet activities!

Whilst the Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio can run on AC power, it can also run on batteries (it takes two D cell batteries) which makes it fully portable and safe near water. Unlike other shower radios this one doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to audio quality; the 3 inch full range speaker ensures great sound reproduction and it can reach a fairly substantial volume as well.

This radio feels well built and has a nice weight to it. The buttons are simple but well laid out and the large back-lit LCD screen means it’s easy to see what you’re tuning into, even in a steamy shower. The radio antenna is actually the handle you can see in the image below – a pretty cool design feature that kills two birds with one stone (the handle/antenna also folds away when you’re not using it).

Radio reception is good and you have typical radio features when it comes to frequency presets – you can have up to 10 and you can find your favorite stations using auto-seek.

Other features? Well there is a large LED flashlight built onto the side of the radio, presumably for outdoor trips and such – a slightly odd feature that many people might not have much use for, but it’s there nonetheless if you need it. The radio also has an auto switch-off feature which you can set to a time of your liking, a battery indicator and an emergency buzzer.

As simply a digital radio, the Sangean H201 compares well with the competition but as a waterproof shower radio it’s leagues ahead of the others available.