SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit

Ah SodaStream. After disappearing off from the market for several years the brand and product have been rebooted and are enjoying a fresh wave of popularity. If you drink a lot of soda or carbonated water then a SodaStream Genesis is a great way to save money, space in the kitchen, and also spares you from lugging heavy bottles back from the store. They are also a fun novelty for kids (and adults as well actually!)

Today we’ll be looking at a great SodaStream starter kit that provides everything you need to get up an running producing your own soda and carbonated drinks – the SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit.

The SodaStream Genesis is a cleanly styled unit with a nice slimline design, and comes complete with everything you need to start transforming plain old water into a fizzy refreshing drink in seconds. In the box you get the soda maker itself along with a carbonater and a reusable carbonating bottle that has a hermetically sealed cap to keep your drinks fizzy.

The only other thing you’ll need to complete your SodaStream experience is a selection of Sodamixes so you can start experimenting with a broad selection of different flavors. The range has expanding from the old choices of Soda flavorings – you can now choose from more gentle carbonated water flavorings, along with diet and energy flavors.

The Soda Stream Genesis Starter Kit comes in a selection of colors so it will blend in nicely in any kitchen. This model is currently available in white, red and black/silver. Another thing that might be surprising if you haven’t used a SodaStream before is that it doesn’t require electricity or batteries. All the work is done by the pressure of the carbonator. The one included in this starter kit will see you through your first 60L of fizzy drinks before it will need replacing.

There are a few different SodaStream models available to choose from, so why the Genesis starter kit? Well it comes with everything you need bar the Sodamix and price-wise its a good deal. The only other difference that seperates the models is really the cosmetic styling, and the SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit’s minimalist slimline styling and color choices mean it’s one of the most stylish Sodastreams available.

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