Stanley 77-188 S2 Laser Level Square

The Stanley 77-188 S2 Laser Level Square is a cheap must-have tool if you are sick and tired of constantly messing around with a tape measure for measuring up, hanging shelves and pictures, tiling, wall papering or any of a host of other typical home improvement jobs. For the price it’s a bargain that’ll make all of your jobs much easier and more accurate.

The Stanley 77-188 S2 Laser Level Square is a simple gadget that’ll project horizontal and vertical laser lines on a wide variety of surfaces and is effective up to around 30 feet. By default the two lasers are set at 90 degrees to each other although you can adjust this by increments of five degrees at a time if required.

This laser level square has some sticky adhesive strips on the back to make it easy to mount on walls and other non-horizontal surfaces. In practice it works well, although it’s hard to say how long it will retain enough stickiness to hold it’s own weight. Never the less it’s a handy little feature that means you won’t require an extra set of hands if you are doing a job on your own.

At this price point it’s difficult not to recommend the Stanley 77-188 S2. Even if you are thinking of buying it for one specific job, you’ll be surprised at how many tasks it can make easier, and it quickly makes a tape measure seem redundant and inaccurate.

The more expensive models feature more accurate lasers, and if you need a laser level square for professional jobs then that extra level of accuracy is probably worth the extra cost. For typical household tasks however, this one fits the bill nicely. One thing to remember – you’ll need 3 AA batteries which aren’t included, so don’t forget!

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