The Best Cool Pizza Cutters

The beauty of pizza is its simplicity. Throw it in the oven, slice, scoff, done. But this is the 21st Century we are living in folks, so let’s needlessly complicate proceedings with some unnecessary pizza cutter technology!

Zyliss Palm Held Pizza Slicer

Let us start with something simple to begin with. The Zyliss Palm-Held Pizza Slicer’s clean elegant design has a certain charm to it and would look great in the more minimalist kitchen. The blade, which is sharp enough to get the job done without ever threatening to sever the careless finger, also pops out for easy cleaning.

Double Wheel Pizza Cutter

Another clean design, the Stainless Steel Double Wheel Pizza Cutter takes the effectiveness of the classic pizza wheel and simply doubles it, for maximum slicing performance. This concept has limitless potential. The Tri Wheel Pizza Cutter… the QUAD Wheel Pizza Cutter… Wow. The future is an exciting place. Yes, anyway, this pizza cutter is of particularly high quality, made entirely from stainless steel with a nice satin finish.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Brace yourself, we are now entering novelty pizza cutter territory. And we will begin with this Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter by Think Geek. Who ever dreamed this one up needs a pat on the back for the clever design which is classy and functional but not at the expense of novelty. This pizza cutter comes nicely packaged in a display box, and whilst it’s as much a toy as a kitchen tool, the blade is actually really sharp so mind the fingers! Boldly slice like no man has sliced before.

Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel

Despite appearances this little circular saw is not gas powered so no safety goggles required. I am disappoint. Still, the Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel is quite a cool design and sure to get a few laughs from visitors. The blade on this one has particularly low crust-clearance so if you are a deep pan fan then the Pizza Boss won’t cut the mustard pizza. But if thin and crispy is your thing then it’s does the job well.

Fred Table Saw

If the circular saw above isn’t your thing and you prefer to keep things old-school, perhaps the Fred Table Saw will tick your boxes instead. This all purpose device is not constrained to merely cutting pizza down to size and will fearlessly demolish any pies, cakes or sandwiches which are foolish enough to cross its path.

Piranha Pizza Cutter

If you’re going to design a pizza cutter shaped like a piranha then you better make sure it has a bloody sharp blade. Luckily the Animal House Piranha Pizza Cutter doesn’t disappoint, sporting a ferocious cutting wheel that will make short work of even the meatiest toppings. The yellow fins top and bottom look uncomfortable but are actually made from soft rubbery stuff, so you can cut away in comfort.

The Park Tool Pizza Tool

Time must be tough in the bike market right now. Park Tool, better known for creating high quality bike tools, have entered the novelty pizza cutter market with the Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Tool to make ends meet. Now that’s diversification. The PZT-2 doesn’t betray its origins and is is made to a really high standard with a nice big sharp cutting wheel.

Pepper Green Pizza Cutter

I can’t help but feel sorry for this little fella. The Boston Warehouse Pepper Green Pizza Cutter looks like he has seen some terrible things during his pizza cutting career and will spend the rest of his days gently rocking back and forth in the cutlery drawer, trying to forget what cannot be forgotten. Despite the obvious stress it causes him, Pepper Green Pizza Cutter is very accomplished at his job, and when he finally reaches retirement his unique construction of recycled plastic and wood means he is fully recyclable.

Progressive International Pizza Scissors

When I was a kid a pair of huge, industrial carpet scissors somehow found their way into our utensil drawer. We quickly discovered how effective these bad-boys was at cutting pizza, able to slice across the entire diameter in a single snip. Looking back I now see that it was incredibly dangerous, and as children we were running around the kitchen with what was essentially a lethal weapon. Regardless the dream is still alive thanks to these Progressive International Pizza Scissors which come with the added innovation of a serving plate built onto one of the blades, which is useful for making slices equally sized and adding support to those disappointing floppy pizzas you sometimes get, where all of the topping slides off before you can even shove it in your mouth.